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Hamilton Birth Control Clinic

For all your reproductive health needs

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About Us

We are a new clinic (est. May 2022) located in downtown Hamilton, focusing on providing reproductive healthcare including birth control and the abortion pill for individuals living in the Greater Hamilton Area.  To access our services, you can book your own appointment or be referred by your family doctor.

  • We offer medical abortion services (abortion pill)
  • We provide information, counselling, and assessment for contraception.
  • We insert IUDs and Nexplanons and we administer Depo-Provera injection...
  • We provide liquid nitrogen treatment for genital warts and molluscum c...
  • We offer pills (Plan B, Ella) and the Copper IUD
  • We offer cervical cancer screening (pap tests)
  • We offer pro-choice options and prenatal care.
  • We do STI tests, treatment and safe sex counselling.
  • PReP is pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV.
  • Discuss sleep, hot flashes and endometrial biopsy.
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