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Ontario-Wide Virtual Abortion Service

To make abortion more accessible, we are offering a virtual no-touch service to patients across Ontario.

  • Confidential

  • Timely virtual assessment

  • Treatment delivered

  • Covered by OHIP

How does it work?

This service is done via video appointment. You can use a smartphone or computer to attend your virtual appointment. You will need to make a MCI connect account to see the doctor- it is quick and easy to create one.


Virtual clinic occurs every Monday. At the first visit, we will date the pregnancy. Abortion pills are sent from the pharmacy to you via courier. Patients should go to a local lab for a pregnancy hormone blood test the same day as they start taking their pills. Repeat blood work is done 3 or 7 days after the first pills are taken.


We have a follow-up visit to let you know if the abortion is successful. We can start you on birth control (pill, patch or ring) or make a referral for you to have a nexplanon/IUD inserted near you.

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Get in Touch

To make an appointment, call us at 905-525-1677

(Monday to Friday, 9AM - 5PM ET)

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