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About Our Clinic

We believe in empowering individuals, through open discussion and providing sound medical information, to make choices about their bodies and their reproductive health that are in line with their needs and goals.

We believe in autonomy of body and choice and work to fiercely protect this!

We respect our patients' preferred pronouns and provide pap tests for anyone with a cervix and hormonal birth control for anyone with a uterus looking for birth control.

We pride ourselves in providing inclusive, friendly, patient-centred care. We maintain our clinical expertise by staying up to date with the latest developments in our areas of practice.

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About Our Clinic at the Hamilton Birth Control & Sexual Health Clinic.

Our Story

Like most matches these days, Ashleigh and Avery met online on a Facebook group for physicians. It started as an idea and a coffee date at Democracy. We were like-minded in our passion for providing patient-centered sexual health services. We both had experience from working in different regions in similarly-focused clinics, and saw there was a need for this type of service in Hamilton.


We opened our doors in May 2022, offering clinic once a week on Wednesdays. With your support, we have grown and now offer clinic Monday to Friday with a dedicated staff of physicians and a supportive admin team.

Our vision: To become a centre of excellence regionally for the services we provide.


Our mission: To provide timely access to high-quality reproductive healthcare services in our region, in particular long-acting methods of contraception, as these have been shown to be most effective at preventing pregnancy. We are reproductive healthcare advocates, providing both patient-centred early prenatal care and abortion services up to 10 weeks.


To remove barriers to accessing care by encouraging self-referrals at a time when so many patients do not have family doctors.


To train other doctors who wish to work in this field.

Mission & Vision

Our Promise

At Hamilton Birth Control & Sexual Health Clinic, we are committed to protecting your privacy by following all regulations governing patient confidentiality. All information about your visit is strictly confidential.


We will not disclose any information to family members, partners, or medical professionals outside our clinic without your expressed consent.


We provide services without parental/guardian consent.

Our Providers

Meet Our Team!

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