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Abortion Services

We offer mifegymiso

Service Description

-We offer medical abortion services (abortion pill and post-abortion care) for individuals wanting to terminate pregnancies up to 10 weeks. -We determine if the abortion is successful by following a drop in the pregnancy hormone (via blood work). -First visit- This appointment is done in person to date the pregnancy and prescribe the medication. Blood work is done at this visit. If an ultrasound is deemed necessary due to uncertain dates or concern for ectopic pregnancy, this will be organized urgently at an imaging centre off-site.Medication is self-administered over 2 days following this visit. Either 72 hours or 7 days after the 1st dose of medication is taken, repeat blood work is done. -Second visit- This visit is done 7-10 days after the initial visit. Based on symptoms and your repeat blood work, we can advise if the abortion is successful. -Third visit- This is offered approximately 6 weeks after the initial visit to follow up on the process and start birth control where desired. Starting a reliable form of birth control is very important as individuals can become pregnant again very quickly. Please note, we do not offer surgical abortions at our clinic. Learn more about medical abortion here:

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