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Birth Control Procedures- IUD, Nexplanon

We insert IUDs and Nexplanon and we administer Depo-Provera injections

Service Description

-We require you to have a contraceptive counselling appointment before a procedure (unless you have been referred by your doctor). If you have not yet spoken to our clinicians, please book a counselling appointment. -Procedures include: - IUD insertion - IUD removal - Nexplanon insertion - Nexplanon removal - Depo-provera injection - to be booked 10-13 weeks from last injection - Emergency contraception -If you are booked for a procedure, be sure to bring your device (IUD, Nexplanon) with you. -If you are booked for an IUD insertion, take ibuprofen 400 mg 30-60 minutes before your scheduled appointment; if you have an allergy or contraindication to ibuprofen, you may take Tylenol 1000 mg.

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